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Nittaku "Premium 40+ *** Made in Japan Cell-Free"


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Why don’t you play - not only in our opinion - with the best table tennis ball in the world? The... more
Product information "Nittaku "Premium 40+ *** Made in Japan Cell-Free""

Why don’t you play - not only in our opinion - with the best table tennis ball in the world?
The NITTKAU *** Premium 40+ (Made in Japan) is in our opinion the best table tennis ball in the world, and it’s not just our opinion! It is no secret that also most top players - both from Europe or Asia – have the same opinion and are totally convinced of the outstanding playing characteristics of the NITTAKU *** Premium 40+ ball. Hardness, elasticity, roundness and consistency are just unparalleled – just as the perfect bounce of the ball. Due to the ITTF rule change to the considerably more environmentally friendly cell-free ball, the ball manufacturers had to start development from the beginning again! So that the decades long know how and expertise of the Japanese NITTAKU ball experts is now even more important than ever before.
The European Championships 2015 were played with the new NITTAKU*** Premium 40+. European Champion Dima Ovtcharov who successfully defended his title again and has been clearly dominating table tennis in Europe for some years, was also very enthusiastic: “Finally a cell-free ball which has even better playing characteristics than the former celluloid balls. Thus the quality of the rallies improves enormously. You just have more playing fun!” Also, the International Table Tennis Association has decided that the next World Championships 2017 in Düsseldorf will be played with the NITTAKU *** Premium 40+.
Like the professional players at innumerous World- and European Championships as well as Olympic Games that were equipped by NITTAKU, the club players also not only value the playing characteristics, but also the fantastic durability of the NITTAKU*** Premium 40+ ball. Even in this point the NITTAKU *** Premium 40+ ball is unmatched. We claim: no other table tennis ball lasts longer on average! This characteristic in itself justifies the higher price!In this regard, the most expensive ball might actually be the cheapest in the end!
NITTAKU Premium 40+ ***: The official ball of the EC 2014 in Portugal, EC 2015 in Russia, EC 2016 in Hungary, Asian Cup 2015, WTTC 2017 in Düsseldorf
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